New Years Resolution

    Every year for the new year I will always make a list of resolutions. Normally, I’ll blow them off and not do them.

    This year, I kind of know what I want my resolutions to be. My number one resolution that I really need to work on more is to be happy. I am usually not happy too often and I just want to try and make the best of things in my life instead of being so down all of the time.

    Another resolution for me would be to get my grades up a lot more and study more. Some of my grades are really well but then some of them are pretty low and I’m not too proud of them. I just need to listen and study more.

    I also need to remember to not let other people take advantage of me or use me. I tend to let that happen a lot because I will be extremely nice to anyone, depending on who they are.

    I would want to start exercising and being a little bit more healthy. Stop eating bad foods with a bunch of sugar and more healthy foods once in awhile.

    One of the last things I would want to do would be to give someone a random compliment everyday. I usually do compliment someone almost everyday but it would be nice to do that. You could possibly make someone’s day and it would generally make you more happy inside.