Blood Donations Save Lives


Austin DeFrank, Editor

Jefferson-Morgan is hosting a blood drive in the gymnasium on January 11th, 2016. The Blood Drive is for a really good cause, and is very important for other people. Just one pint of blood can save up to three people. All students must be 16 or older and have a permission slip signed by their parents. Everybody that donates blood will have a feeling that they have done something good for another person, or even multiple  people.


All of the blood donated at a Blood Drive isn’t always healthy blood. Due to some blood not being healthy, the blood is sent through a lab to make sure it’s all good enough to be used.. Donated blood is first scanned into a computer database. The blood donations are tested for infectious diseases and for the blood type. This ensures that the patient gets healthy blood without worrying about contracting any sort of disease that the donor might have.


Blood Drives are very important events. Every donation from a Blood Drive counts, it counts for multiple people too. Just one pint of blood can save up to three lives, Not only are donors saving multiple lives, they are doing an amazing thing. Everyone who donates is a hero to at least one person. Even if  donor is not qualified to donate they can still help by spreading the word and donating some money towards the good cause. A money donation is just as important and good hearted as donating blood.


There are a few different types of blood donations. There are Blood or Whole Blood donations, Double Red Cell donations, Plasma donations, and Platelet donations. There are a couple other type of donations that are specific to who is making the donation. These donations are Autologous donations and Directed donations; these two donations are dependant on the donor’s blood type, physical characteristics and personal preferences. While the most common donation is Whole Blood, all the different types are very helpful.


A Blood Drive is a very special event and is also important to become a part of. Once you donate you will come out with a good conscious and the fact that you have saved lives. Doctors will always make sure the blood is clean and uninfected for the patients after recieved from the Blood Drive. The type of donation will matter too. All types of donations help a lot and will help multiple people. Blood Drives are amazing events to take a part in.