First Time and Veteran Donors

    Austin DeFrank

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    August 29, 2016
    First Time and Veteran Donors

    On January 11th, 25 units of blood was donated at the Jefferson Morgan Blood Drive that was held in the Jefferson Morgan Gymnasium. There were 22 students who signed up, 10 people from the community came to participate in the blood drive and 15 students were deferred. There were many first time donors and also some veteran donors who have donated blood in the past. All donations from students are very important because most students and younger people have really healthy blood that can be used to save lives.


    There were many students who were new to donating blood and any who weren’t new. The veterans knew what was going to happen and how things were going down. The new donors were all feeling a little bit nervous because they haven’t done any blood donations before. Trevor Jamison was a first time donor on January 11th. He was kind of nervous but he knew nothing bad was going to happen. Dylan Crockard was a veteran donor and knew there was nothing to fear when it comes down to donating blood.


    Trevor Jamison’s first time donating was at the Jefferson Morgan Blood Drive. He was a little bit nervous at first but then saw no danger in donating. Trevor was asked how he felt before and after donating blood. Trevor responded with “At first I felt a little bit nervous for donating blood. Since I was new at it i didn’t really know what was supposed to happen. Afterwards I felt really good because I did a great thing and in the end I saved a few lives.” Trevor does not regret donating blood at all.


    Most first time donors feel nervousness about donating blood for the first time. Some are afraid of needles and others are afraid of blood. Most think about the worst thing that could happen and that keeps them from donating. After first time donors donate blood once they usually come back to donate again in the future. Trevor said he is going to be donating in the future for sure, as well as all the other first time donors he’s talked to and donated with. There is a lot more good than bad that comes out of donating blood and there is nothing to be afraid of.


    Dylan Crockard is a veteran blood donor. Dylan had donated the year of 2015, around an entire year before the Jefferson Morgan Blood Drive of January 2016. Dylan was confident in donating blood. Dylan was asked how he felt about donating blood his first time versus his second time. Dylan responded with “the first time i was a little bit nervous. I’m not a big fan of being poked by needles and seeing blood. The second time I knew how things went and I was relaxed the whole time. I love donating blood and I plan on continuing to donate blood in the future.”


    Veteran donors know what goes down at blood drives. They are very confident in donating and show no sign of concern while blood is being drawn. They have been through it before and they usually calm the first time donors by letting the know that nothing wrong has ever happened while donating blood. The veteran donors are the ones that usually step up and go first, they are very confident in donating and they have a good conscious while donating, as well as the first time donors do.
    There’s a difference between being a first time donor and a veteran donor. The first time donors seem to be a little bit nervous while donating blood while donors that have donated in the past aren’t nervous at all. Both group of donors are doing the same thing for the same cause. Veteran donors and first time donors are both saving lives. It is very important to donate blood, even if it is your first time, your blood will make a difference.