Welcome Back!

    Austin DeFrank

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    Time For Summer!
    June 20, 2016
    Welcome Back!

    Welcome back to school all students of Jefferson-Morgan! The beginning of the school year leaves students with clean slate and an opportunity to fix any mistakes from last year or better themselves. This also means seeing friends, improving and new experiences. This new school year leaves students with endless opportunity to better themselves socially and educationally. A new school year means a lot to students in many different ways.

    Students who are coming back can focus on bettering themselves from last year. Coming back to school with a clean grading record of that year can mean a lot. Students can try to get better grades and study more, It’s a good way to improve.

    Students who just got into the high school or middle school get to experience what it’s like to do everything at a higher level. Studies will be harder and sports will be more intense. Nothing is really too hard though. Everyone just takes things more seriously in high school.

    Being back in school means seeing friends again. Friends make school a lot more fun. They help you with work and also add enjoyment to it at times. Things go a lot smoother with friends. Work seems to get turned in more on time when people work together.

    Being back in school isn’t favored by many people though. Sleeping in ends and assignment-less night’s end as well. Being back also means to further your education and stretch your mind to new limits. Welcome back to school all students of Jefferson-Morgan!