Abigal Ozohonish – Athlete Biography

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    Madison Kovach

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    Abigal Ozohonish is a freshman and a member of the middle school volleyball team.

    Ozohonish has been playing for three years and is a libero, she also has great goals to achieve. She hopes to be a libero for the varsity team, by looking up to Jamie Lawrence she can achieve this goal in no time. Ozohonish feels that the new coach helps and pushes them through this year.

    “Even though he has high expectations for us,” said Ozohonish, “we are proving him we can achieve anything.”

    Ozohonish also says that she is going to continue playing volleyball throughout high school.

    “If there was one thing I could tell middle school players and even new players it would be, to never quit.” Ozohonish is passionate about volleyball and hopes to see some new faces next year out on the court.

    Although Ozohonish feels great about her team, there are a few things she feels both she and her team could improve on.

    “Serving and hitting,” Ozohonish explained that these are something’s she herself could improve on. “Defense is something I believe the whole team could use a little more of.”

    Ozohonish is having a great season, and is looking forward to playing for the Lady Rockets for seasons to come!