President of NHS

Savannah Saesan

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President of NHS

As National Honor Society President, Emma Frank works hard to make sure many things are done. She has a lot of responsibilities and jobs she does to make the organization a fun place to be.

Frank is in charge of planning activities for the organization, and being a leader of the group.

“I am planning a walk to benefit Monongahela Valley hospital. This is an exciting thing, because it is a project that involves all members of national honor Society, and also members of the community,” commented Emma.

Being the president of NHS, is a goal Emma has wanted to achieve ever since she was inducted.

“I’ve been hoping to be president since I was inducted into national honor Society. It is a goal that I have been working toward, and I am so grateful that this year, as a senior, I was able to achieve it,” said Emma.

Frank enjoys being the president of NHS, and loves being a part of the organization as well.

“I love being president of National Honor Society because it is such an honor. I feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself because we as a group, do a lot for the community and for the school,” stated Emma.

Emma enjoys NHS and all the activities that she is a part of or sets up. She likes being a leader in her community and helping others.