Makenzie Wright – Athlete Biography

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    Tyler Woolen

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    Makenzie Wright is a junior and a member of the volleyball team.

    Wright has been participating in volleyball since her seventh grade year.

    “The best thing in volleyball would have to be the home games because there’s always a hype student section cheering us on.” Wright said.

    Wright is an outside hitter for the team but due to rotations, she ends up also hitting middle and right side.

    When Wright was asked if she could switch positions, what position would she choose. Wright answered, “I definitely love my position more than all of the others but if I had to switch, I would pick middle hitter because they constantly get to block.”

    Wrights most memorable moment in volleyball would be her against Carmichael’s her seventh grade year.

    “I would say I am continually improving and each game I do something better. The best game that I’ve had so far would be last year’s JV tournament.”