Abigail Binns – Athlete Biography

    Abigail Binns is a freshman and a member of the varsity volleyball team.

    Playing for the middle school team since seventh grade has greatly prepared Binns for playing for the high school team. Being commonly placed somewhere within the back row has given her the measured strength to get the ball back to the setter.

    “My favorite part is being with my friends while playing my favorite sport,” Binns said.

    Having an enjoyment for the sport is what caused Binns to join her seventh grade team back in late 2015. She has stayed up until now, playing the sport with some new and old teammates.

    “Whenever I’m playing and the ball comes my way, I feel confident that I can get the ball to the setter. And if it doesn’t, I have have amazing teammates that will be able to get the shank and get it over the net,” said Binns.

    Playing volleyball with her friends is one of Binns’ favorite things to do. She’s made many friends through the sport and relies on them in each game just as they rely on her.

    “If you keep practicing and if you do your absolute best, you’ll do amazing!” Binns says to those who are just trying out volleyball, or find themselves struggling with the sport.

    Binns is looking forward to her next game that will definitely be a win.