Jesse Wolfe – Athlete Biography

    Jesse Wolfe is a junior and a member of the golf team.

    Golf is a complex sport and a hard one to master. It does require a lot of skill and precision. Technique is at the core of this sport.

    “Grip, swing and stance, these are the most important aspects of the game” ,Wolfe stated

    This year may be the last year of the player Wolfe. This would be a big loss for the team, and most likely to set the team back quite a bit.

    When asked about if he would continue with golf he said, “Maybe, Depending on band and what classes conflict with it.”

    The most important thing in any sport is will power. This can make or break a team. This is no different for slower sports like golf.

    When  inquired about the strength of the team he said, “ Yes we seem pretty strong we have won a few times this year.”

    Jesse is looking for a great and prosperous year