Bryce Bedilion – Athlete Biography

    Bryce Bedilion is a freshmen and a member of the golf team

    For many, family is a driving force behind trying new things. Bedilion is no different. He says his father is what really got him into the sport.  After seeing his dad do it he thought, “Hey, I can do that.”

    “I got into it because of my dad; he was really the driving force,” said Bedilion when asked what made him join.

    The 2017-18 season may be his first, but defiantly not his last. Bedilion states that he will be returning next year to the team.  The sport is rather important to him.

    “Yeah because I enjoy the sport,” said Bedilion

    As a rookie player Bedilion has already made a few good moves. The sport is a slow one, but this doesn’t mean big moves can’t happen.

    Bedilion said, “The best moment I’ve had is a long put.”

    Bedilion looks forward to a very successful and enjoyable season with the golf team