Shelby Burkett – Athlete Biography

    Shelby Burkett is a sophomore and she is a member of the Jefferson Morgan high school Volleyball team.

    This is Burkett’s first year being on the Volleyball team. She has stated a few things that she has wanted to improve on. She has also decided to share some of her goals, and also the most rewarding factor of Volleyball.

    “There are plenty of things to work on. Some of my goals would be to understand how to play better as a setter. The most rewarding thing is knowing that no matter what happens in the court, your team is there for you off the court as well.”

    There are always reasons for trying out a new activity. Burkett has just joined the Volleyball team, for she does have a reason why she did in the first place. There are also aspects to like about Volleyball, in which Burkett has shared what she has liked with Volleyball so far.

    “I decided to join because I like to try new things. I like how everyone on the team is there when you need them”

    The team players are one of the key factors to having a Volleyball team. She has decided to share some of her thoughts on her current team. These thoughts are mostly based on what she thinks of her team, and if they could improve or not.

    “My current team right now is full of amazing girls. I think that we could improve on being more of a team on the court a little more.”

    Every team player has their best moments. Burkett has decided to show her best performance, in which the score was 25 – 23. She also has advice for any new team players that are interested in joining Volleyball.

    “My best performance was probably at a scvimage at home against Gabel. My advice would be that most people think that Volleyball is one of the easier sports, but it’s not. If you like pushing yourself to be better, this is the sport for you.”

    Burkett thinks that she has a great team, and that her team is full of great people.