Brody Mazurik – Athlete Biography

    Brody Mazurik is a junior and a member of the football team.

    Mazurik decided to play football because he has played football every year of varsity and is planning to play all throughout his high school career. He enjoys it and overall has a lot of fun playing. “Being a part of a team like ours is something that everyone should experience.”

    Mazurik says his biggest accomplisment would be getting tackles and lettering both his freshman and sophomore year. He hopes that he can continue to be successful throughout football.

    “It is very importatnt for a team to communicate on and off o fthe fieled becuse without communication a team cannot properly work together,” said Mazurik.

    Mazurik says that the most valubale thing he has learned from playing football is to be relentless and that he is the only one who can better himself.

    For anyone who is thinking of playing football Mazurik says, “Playing football is something that you could never regret. It’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had.”