Katey Wolfe – Athlete Biography

    Katey Wolfe is a senior and a member of the Jefferson-Morgan Varsity Basketball Team.

    Wolfe has played basketball throughout her entire high school career and began playing because she loved the sport.

    “It is important for teammates to get along because if they don’t, there is no way they can play well together,” said Wolfe. “Communication is very important.”
    The best advice Wofle has ever been given by a coach or mentor is to always play with determination. If you are determined, you wil succeed.

    “I am most excited for the game against Monessen because we played very well against them last year,” said Wolfe. “I think we may have a shot at winning again.”

    For anyone thinking of joining the basketball team next year Wolfe says, “Join! We are really going to need new players next year.”