Molly Mylan – Athlete Biography

    Molly Mylan is a freshman and first year wrestler.

    As a first year Mylan is still rather green. This is not stopping her from continuing to meet quotas and trying to train more and more. She has taken advice from much more seasoned veterans of the sport. This has allowed her to get better faster.

    “Wrestling is a tough sport that takes a lot of dedication and hard work”, Mylan stated

    She has enjoyed the experience. The entire thing was a new experience .Mylan has learned a few things from her time as a wrestler.

    “Alway keep your eyes open and listen to your coaches,” said Mylan

    Mylan hasn’t had long to make a favorite moment. It may seem insignificant to a veteran, but Mylan’s favorite moment was the first time she performed a takedown.

    “My favorite moment was when I did my first take down successfully” said Mylan

    Although she has enjoyed the season she is not going to continue her career.