Brynn Boyd – Athlete Biography

    Brynn Boyd is a junior and a member of the softball team.

    Boyd has been playing softball for 6 years and her favorite thing about softball is that being a part of a team is like having a second family. She gets the opportunity to grow so close to people she never thought she would.

    When asked about any injuries she may have experienced she said, “I broke my wrist a while ago. I was playing first and the batter ran me over.”

    Boyd does not think her team will make playoffs, but she doesn’t think they will be bad. Boyd also thinks the hardest thing about playing softball is not getting into her head. It is a mental sport, and if she thinks too much or too little about it things can go downhill.

    “During games I always get huge batter’s anxiety,” said Boyd. “I don’t know why, but I always have.”

    Good luck to Brynn Boyd and the rest of the softball team during their 2018 season!