Abigail Nelson- Athlete Biography

    Abigail Nelson is a senior and a member of the girls basketball team.

    Nelson has been playing basketball all of high school, and has played 8 years of her life. She decided to play basketball on a team because she played with her brother at her house often and grew fond of the sport.

    “I do not have one specific favorite team to play against,” said Nelson. “I like to play teams that we have already played, so that they can see our improvement.”

    She prefers her position as a post because she is tall and it is a more aggressive position. Nelson’s goal for her senior season is to score more points than she has any other year. She also enjoys the friendships she has made through basketball.

    “I think I look up to Brynn the most on the team. She has the same position as me and has been playing basketball for awhile,” said Nelson. “She is also always there to help me improve.”

    One of Nelson’s greatest moments while playing basketball was when she scored her first varsity points. Her favorite part of playing is making her family proud of her when she has a good game.

    Nelson also has some words of advice for anyone considering playing basketball. “Do not be afraid to play, even if you have never played before,” said Nelson. “The coaches will help you.”

    Nelson plans on enjoying the rest of her senior season by putting everything she has into the game.