Caden Maskil – Athlete Biography

    Caden Maskil is a freshman and a member of the varsity basketball team.

    As Maskil’s first year playing for the varsity team, he was not sure what to expect. He plays the position of shooting guard and enjoys this position because it challenges him.

    “My favorite memory this season has been all the away games that we have went on and all the memories I have been able to make with my friends through basketball,” said Maskil.

    Maskil enjoys playing JV, but can’t deny that when he gets the chance to play on varsity, he gets very excited.

    “My friends were the reason that I decided to start playing basketball. They convinced me that it would be fun, and it has been fun to play with them through the years,” said Maskil.

    For anyone thinking of playing basketball next year, Maskil says, “I think that anyone should give it a try. It is hard work but the fun that we have while we play is worth it.”