Brynn Boyd – Athlete Biography

    Brynn Boyd is a senior and a member of the basketball team.

    Boyd has been playing basketball since she was in second grade.

    “The younger girls who look up to me definitely inspire me to play. When I was younger, I thought the high school girls were pros, so I don’t want to set a bad example, ” Boyd said.

    Boyd has been playing for so long that basketball has become her second nature.

    “I’m not too sure about how many points I’ve made this season, but I used to score about 6-8 points a game. I’ve been scoring more lately,” Boyd mentioned.

    Boyd doesn’t want to play sports in college unless they are intramural sports.

    “Basketball doesn’t interfere with my school work because in my free time, I always get everything done,” Boyd said.

    Boyd’s favorite part of basketball is the physical aspect of the game.