Mr. Giorgi Sponsors Contest for 2019 Arnold Classic


(Photo Credit via Liam Ankrom)

Mr. Giorgi, the head football coach for Jefferson-Morgan, is holding a competition to go to the Arnold Classic.

Mr. Giorgi started the competition to  promote weight training for students who are playing football in the upcoming year or students trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Requirements for the contest are modeled after a focused student athlete. Academics will also play a role in the competition. Individuals can earn points for attending weight lifting sessions and bonus points for consecutive days. The academic part will be factored in later and ultimately determine the winners. Students will be awarded 5 points for an A, 4 points for a B, and so forth.

The Arnold classic is held annually in Columbus Ohio. It features events such as arm wrestling tournaments and strong man competitions. Along with that there are educational seminars held on various topics and well as vendors to promote and educate people on their products to help them decide what products would help them achieve their fitness goals.

The competition will continue through the end of February.  At the end of the month, points will be added and evaluated. Six winners will be selected and will be taken to the competition.