Easton Hanko – Athlete Biography

    Easton Hanko is a freshman and member of the baseball team.

    Hanko has been playing baseball since first grade. Before he started playing at the school, he enjoyed watching baseball with his family. His dad has also played baseball at Jefferson-Morgan which inspired him to follow in his footsteps.

    “I started playing because my dad played and I just really enjoyed watching it.”

    Hanko has played in quite a few positions on the field over the years. He has played as a pitcher, an outfielder, and as a shortstop. Out of all of these positions, Hanko enjoys pitching the most.  He practices pitching for most of the year.

    “I enjoy pitching the most because I have the ability to stop any player from even getting on base.”

    Baseball is an almost year round event for Hanko. He is practicing for baseball throughout the year in many ways. He practices batting, catching, and pitching with his dad. He also lifts in order to maintain a good throwing arm. Hanko also watches MLB whenver he has the chance.

    ” I practice all year just so I can constantly get better at every part of the game.”

    Hanko looks forward to playoffs this year and having a good season for himself. Hanko also plans to play college ball.