Liam Ankrom – Athlete Biography

    Liam Ankrom is a sophomore and a member of the varsity football team.

    Ankrom started playing football five years ago in elementary school. “My friends talked me into playing,”  he said. Ankrom has played football since then. Ankrom has grown as a person and a player from this sport. He has learned many life lessons, and continues to make himself a better person.

    Every player has strengths and weaknesses. “I can read offenses really easily, and I like to tackle.” So for Ankrom a strength of his is defense.

    Ankrom plans on playing football throughout high school. Ankrom also plans on working to be a four year letterman. Doing this means Ankrom has a lot of knowledge of the game and works very hard.

    Ankrom’s advice to underclassmen is “play hard, and make every practice and or game count.” Ankrom is a great leader and always has great advice for the underclassmen.

    Ankrom hopes to have a better season than season past. Ankrom finally feels like the team is clicking and working hard. He and his teammates worked very hard during the off season.