Jaggar Jellots – Athlete Biography

    Jaggar Jellots is is a junior and a member of the JM varisty golf team.

    Jellots has been playing golf for 2 years now and started playing golf because he “felt like it.” Since then Jellots has became a starter on the varsity team.

    After high school Jellots wants to go to college and get a good paying job.

    “After I graduate I’d like to attend college and maybe play golf for them”, said Jellots. “Then after that I’d like to get a good job that pays well,” added Jellots.

    Outside of golf Jellots enjoys playing video games like Fortnite and NBA2k. He also likes to hang out with friends and “have a good time.”

    Jellots believes that this years golf team is the best its ever been. He says “I think we are really good this year, but there is always room for improvement.” Jellots has always gotten along with his teammates and says they are pretty cool as well as the coaches.

    Jellots also plays other sports like baseball and basketball, however he is not committed to them as much as he is too golf.

    “I love playing baseball and basketball, but my primary sport would be golf,” said Jellots. “I practice all the time with my friends and my older brother.”

    Jellots says that he loves playing golf and will most likely play next year as a senior. Although he will miss playing alongside one of his best friends, Cole.