Julian Sisler – Athlete Biography

    Julian Sisler is a senior and a three year varsity football player.

    As a veteran of the team, Julian has earned his right to be there and cemented his spot at defensive tackle. He wears number 54, and he is one of the most dedicated guys on the team. The dedication truly shows when you learn all he did in the off-season.

    “I went to a few summer camps and lifted at the field house with Giorgi,” said Sisler.”If you don’t dedicate time when it’s not mandatory, then how are we as a team supposed to get better?”

    As a senior, this is Sisler’s last run with the team. He is hopeful that we can turn this year around and possibly make a playoff run. The team seems to be full of endless potential in Sisler’s eyes.

    When asked if he had any advice for the younger players coming in, he said, “This is a game of effort and heart, it doesn’t matter who you are lined up against just try your hardest and you’re going to be golden.”

    In his first three games, he has 14 tackles and 2 tackles for a loss. He is excited to play the rest of the season for the Rockets.