Justin Silbaugh – Athlete Biography

    Justin Silbaugh is a senior and a fourth year member of the football team.

    Football is Silbaugh’s favorite sport; therefore, he dedicates a lot of time towards the sport.  This includes lifting in the off season.

    “My main goal for my senior season is to have a great season and play well,” he said.

    Silbaugh has been a key member of the offensive line all four years  he has participated on the team.

    “Being a lineman, I have one of the most important jobs on the field. I take great pride in my job and what I do.”

    Because this is his fourth year playing on the team, Silbaugh has learned many life lessons through football on and off the field. As a senior he often tries to steer his younger teammates in the right direction.

    “If I had to tell my younger teammates one thing it would be to make every second of football count whether it is during practice, on the field, or on game day,” said Silbaugh.

    Silbaugh hopes that he can have a memorable senior season and ultimately reach his goals by the end of the season.