Aiden Miller – Athlete Biography

    Aiden Miller is a freshmen and a member of the varsity football team.

    As a freshman on the team, he is very eager to learn and play on this team. He is playing a game he loves with friends he loves. Miller has in him something that cant be taught. That is his never quit attitude and heart.

    “Everyone there is a good time to be around and most of the time practices are super fun,” said Miller. “The general feeling of brotherhood and family is the best.”

    Miller bares the number 72 and plays left tackle and defensive tackle. He is a critical part of the scout team which gives the regular team a look of what the that weeks opponent. It also just so happens to be as a lineman, the most fun team you can be on.

    “The regular team may get all the glory but us scout team guys aren’t held to the normal requirements of position,” said Miller. “Seeing Sil go out for a route or me back at quarterback is what makes scout so fun.”

    Miller is excited to continue his career for the Jefferson-Morgan Rockets