Kaileigh Coneybeer – Athlete Biography

    Kaileigh Coneybeer is a freshman and and a member of the cheer squad

    As a freshman and a first year cheerleader Coneybeer has learned a lot of things from the upperclassmen.

    “I’ve learned  all of the cheers and dances from the upperclassmen.”

    Coneybeer became interested in cheer because when she was younger she danced. “Dance and cheer have alot in common, so it gives me advantage.”

    Coneybeer feels like you need skills to cheer, such as enthusiasm, some knowledge of football, and a good memory to remember the cheers that you learn.

    “All I did in the off season to prepare for this year is stretch and stay flexible.”

    Coneybeer looks forward to winning games and the energy and excitement that comes with home games.