Jordan Jacobs – Athlete Biography

    Maci Marion

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    Jordan Jacobs is a freshman and a member of the boys varsity basketball team.

    As a first year player of the basketball team, Jacobs has a strong liking for basketball.  Jacobs strongest part of his game is passing. This requires good hand eye coordination and good handling techniques. Jacobs main goal for this season is to score 20 points in one game.

    “Most of my brothers have played basketball,” says Jacobs. A lot of his family has played basketball, so it encourages him to keep up with them, and try to compete.

    Jacobs main inspirations for playing basketball is to try to get somewhere good in life with a basketball career. For Jacobs,everything in basketball is fun. His goal for his high school basketball career is to score 1,000 points, and he would like to continue basketball after high school.

    “Keep pushing yourself to do better because it will make a big difference,” says Jacobs.

    The team is trying their best and Jacobs thinks their hardest competitor will be  Monesson.

    “The hardest game we will play is probably against Monesson because they are just as good as we are, which makes the game harder.”

    Jacobs looks forward to the rest of the season with his teammates, and can’t wait for the next couple games.