Pro-Player Spotlight: Phillip “PJ” Walker

    Brandon Lawrence

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    With the new competitor of the NFL emerging and making a splash in its first season, the XFL has had many players who have made a name for themselves. The most dominant team in the league is the Houston Roughnecks with their golden goose PJ Walker. Walker has made a real connection with his teammates but none more than wide receiver Cam Phillips. 

    Walker attended Temple university and was a starter even in his freshman year. He was one of the best quarterbacks in his highschool scouting class. He had a four star rating which put him in the top 40 percent of prospects. His College career was lack-luster and as a result in the 2017 draft he went undrafted but was picked up by the Indianapolis Colts as a third-string quarterback for the team. He never took an NFL snap but was on and off the practice squad of the team and was a valuable scout team asset.

    He has started his XFL career with a bang beginning 3 – 0. He threw for 10 touchdowns so far and has even used his legs for another. Walker has been a threat on the field with weapons all around him at every position. One of the reasons he has been so successful in these games is because of his sense of when the pocket is collapsing and how to escape it successfully.

    The XFL still has nine weeks of play and I personally am excited to see PJ Walker dominate on the field.