High School Students Deserve Recess, Too!

    Jaggar Jellots

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    (Photo Credit via JMSD Facebook Page)

    When you think of the term recess, you generally think of the time you were in elementary school and had 30-45 minutes to do whatever you want. That sounds nice to have a break, doesn’t it? Why does that have to end with the transition from elementary to high school? Older students need a break too. 

    Students follow a strict school schedule every day with lunch being the only break they get, and to be honest that’s not enough time. Students and teachers both deserve a break in their stressful days. Having recess or a period of free time would be very beneficial, and the day would go a lot smoother.

    There are several opposing points some may bring up. Many board members and staff would potentially argue we don’t have any time to fit recess in our schedule. Another opposition being why should big kids have recess? What would they do with that time? However, there are answers to both of those statements.

     First, in the schedule we have at Jefferson Morgan all of the classes are approximately 40 minutes each, except for 5th period which runs for nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes. The result of that is because that is our lunch period, so students usually spend a little over an hour in their 5th period class, while they are in lunch for the remainder. With the period being that long, it is very drug out and tiring, and there is usually a lot of dead time. Why is it so long? Numerous teachers and students have explained their frustrations about the length of the period. That would be the perfect time of the day to reconstruct the schedule to fit in a recess period for students and teachers. 

    Second, “Why do big kids need recess?” Now, this wouldn’t necessarily mean a bunch of highschool students running around with toys and playing on a playground, but rather a period of time to relax, socialize, clear their minds, or catch up on work they need. It is a very tiring and stressful day for students and teachers, so they deserve this free time. Don’t think of it necessarily as play time, but more so a free period of time to relieve stress, take a break, and better yourself.