Resolutions That Students Should Highly Follow Through

Chris Palone, Contributor

New Year’s Resolutions are something that all students should take into consideration. The new year has just started, so why not try to make some changes in your everyday life? 


  • Resolution #1: Start getting more sleep. Most students don’t get any more than 7 hours of sleep every night, which is nowhere near healthy for their age range.
  • Resolution #2: Put an end to procrastination. Procrastination is one of the main causes of failing grades; because students wait until the last minute to do the assignment(s) and end up rushing and getting a bad grade.
  • Resolution #3: Form a studying routine. Instead of waiting until you actually feel like studying, set a schedule. This way students will grow onto the schedule and it’ll turn into a regular habit.
  • Resolution #4: Get some tutoring. Tutoring doesn’t hurt anybody; it’s only beneficial. It’ll help your grades as long as you meet with the right person
  • Resolution #5: Don’t go too hard on yourself. Studying is the right thing to do, but don’t push yourself over the limit. This will only tire you out, and make you not want to study at all.
  • Resolution #6: Care for your mental health. Mental being and overall health is the most important thing to focus on. Unfortunately, some schools can really play with students’ mental health, but do the best you can to prioritize your own.
  • Resolution #7: Develop better social skills. Being more social at school with your peers can actually make you feel better about yourself and the people around you.
  • Resolution #8: Take a class that you’re actually interested in. Don’t take a class just because it’s an easy A, or because all of your friends are in it. Take something that you are interested in.
  • Resolution #9: Get more organized. Good organization makes everybody feel better. Having all of your folders clean, throwing out anything you don’t need, etc, is a great reliever for most
  • Resolution #10: Actually follow through with your new year’s resolutions. A great amount of people start off the year with resolutions, and end up not even attempting a single one for more than a week.