Warm Apple Danish Delight

Maci Marion

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{Photo Credit Via commons.wikimedia.org}

{Photo Credit Via commons.wikimedia.org}

An apple danish is a danish party. Normally the apples are in the middle with a soft outside crust. Apple danishes have a sweet taste because of the apples but the warm bread makes the flavor come all together.

The apple danish originated from Denmark, Austria. It first striked the baker’s eyes in 1850. It is a Swedish dessert. The recipe has changed since then but the main ingredients are still used. Many bakers back then used the Viennese lamination technique on the danish’s. Many of the danish’s were in different shapes and had different names. Most danish’s now are made in different shapes. There is also normally a layer of a type of icing on top of the Apple danish to add a sweet flavor.

The bread that is normally used to make apple danish is sweet bread. The main ingredients include wheat flour, butter, milk, eggs, and yeast. As the pastry is baked the bread gets fluffy and makes the texture soft. Apple danish’s are best when warm. the multilayered texture makes the Danish thick. The apples are usually made with cinnamon. The texture of the apples are soft and juicy. The danish being warm is also good when it comes to the apples because the sauce on the apples is good when it is melted. The apples give the danish its sweet flavor.