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Elsa Roberts

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Our Jefferson-Morgan School District held a program on October 12, 2022, called The Challenge Program where students from 10th-12th have an opportunity to win $200. This program helps students “Unfollow Stress, and Subscribe to Success.” The people directing the program were Mrs. Mary and Mr. Wilson. They showed the students that everyone can have stress, but that you can fix it.

Before the whole program began, Brennan Crawford was selected to show students what stress can do.  Mrs. Mary was giving a representation by wearing a backpack. She starts putting heavy books in the backpack as an example of stress.

You can win $200 through, Academic Excellence, Community Service, Attendance, STEM, and Academic improvement.

The 10 winners last were:

Academic Excellence-Sophomore and Junior last year Jenna Cyr and Nathan Wei.

Community Service-Sophomore and Junior last year Baron Burns and Wyatt Wilson.

Attendance-Sophomore and Junior last year Tessa Eggleston and Preston Woods.

STEM-Sophomore and Junior last year Grace Rohanna and Finley Kramer

Academic Improvement-Sophmore and Junior last year Barren Berns and Ewing Jamison.

Congratulations to the winners!

The Challenge Program is holding a student of the year contest where a student can win $1,500. The deadline is March 1, 2022. If you are interested in entering the program, click here.

Mrs. Mary said, “I am passionate about the challenge program because it’s a program that challenges students to take it to the next level.”