Back to School Season

Back to school season is here and students everywhere are nervous and excited for the new school year. This time of year always brings back so many memories for me and some of them truly make me laugh. As I get older I find it funny comparing how I used to get ready for the first day of school versus how I do now.

When I was young I used to really dress up for the first day of school. I would wear full sequins dresses no matter how awful. I remember I would put my hair in rollers the night before and wake up with a full head of Shirley Temple curls, It was one of the few days in a year where I got to wear makeup and for some reason it was so special to me. Now I get ready as I would for any day. The first day of school is special, but nothing like what it used to be. I surely do not feel the need for the sparkly dresses or big curls.

Another thing that I have notice be drastically different is worrying about who was in my class. When I was in elementary we were with the same class for the entire day and so it was very important to make sure you had your friends. Throughout all of elementary school I never had a lot of friends in my classes, but I made friends. I usually had one friend and her and I would eventually make friends with everyone else,

When I was younger school was more of a fun thing to do, You came and saw your friends and went to recess, but now that I am older it is more of something I have to do. I have to come here and study so that I can do well. I still have fun, but it is much more serious than what it used to be, I look forward to the new school year with my new courses in mind. I used to look forward to school as somewhere to see my friends.