Emotions are Scary

Dennis Garrett

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The most dangerous/harmful emotion known to man kind would possibly have to be being completely unemotional. People that are like this do not really say much, communicate with others, or have a low self esteem

If someone is unemotional they usually do not have a lot a emotion towards someone/something. Whenever something good happens they do not really have much to say about it or get excited about it. This is scary because If something really good  happened  to someone and they were just sitting there and not being as happy as they were it would make that person uncomfortable.

Most people that are unemotional  also have bad communication with others. When they communicate with others they will not have any emotion when they talk. It is almost like talking to no one because there is just nothing between that person and yourself. It is also scary because it could make the other person feel as if they do not care or they don’t have any interest in what they say. So this is also scary.

Most people that have low self esteem are mostly unemotional. Usually when you are unemotional you do not really have a lot of confidence in the things they do. This makes them feel like they are not  worth anything or that they can’t accomplish anything in life. So this can make them feel down and feel like they are not going to have any pride or hope in anything about stuff that they do.

Overall unemotional people are scary because they will not have any emotion towards people and this can make them feel uncomfortable. They can’t have good communication skills, and also they have low self esteem.