Having Wi-Fi in the School

Wi-Fi is an extremely beneficial tool in today’s society.  It’s used by mostly everybody within their own home as well as in public facilities such as restaurants and stores.  Even some school districts offer free Wi-Fi to their students and faculty.  However, Jefferson-Morgan is not one of the schools that have this luxury.  Some may call it a luxury as it was aforementioned to be, but others might say that it is a liability more than anything.  It could distract students from their classwork.  However, school Wi-Fi could be a benefit to the school as a whole.

People say that Wi-Fi could be bad for a school district to have.  It could potentially keep students from focusing on their studies.  One thing people don’t realize is that many classes involve needing access to the internet, and with today’s technology and advancements it’s great that teachers are taking advantage of these opportunities.  Yes, the schools may have laptops, but not every room has them and the internet or technology on them aren’t exactly the best.  It would be easier to just quickly access the internet from a phone via Wi-Fi.  Kids may do this anyway, but it eats away at their cellular data usage.  Going over data could cause an issue within families or cause families or students to spend more money.  The Wi-Fi should also be locked for only the use of students or faculty.  They could be provided a password instead of just having a public server for anyone to get on.

Having Wi-Fi on the school would overall be a benefit for Jefferson-Morgan.  It would most definitely be good for students and faculty to have within the building.