Importance of Wi-Fi

Jefferson Morgan should open Wi-Fi because some people need to use their phone during school hours. Maybe someone posted something on Facebook that they want to see and they don’t have any data then how are they supposed to check and see what that person posted on Facebook?  When they don’t have any data and they don’t have Wi-Fi to connect to.

Another reason is that what if someone sends a group message to someone else and they can’t get it because they don’t have data, well then they won’t know what’s going on.  Because they can’t see what was  said because they don’t have any data or they don’t have any Wi-Fi because the school won’t turn it on for other students. Then how are the students supposed to see what the other person said if they don’t have any data or Wi-Fi?

My whole class is trying to say is that Jefferson Morgan should provide Wi-Fi. If they have it that way students can use their phone to see what people post on Facebook and that way people that are in a group message can see what the other people are saying in that group message because if you don’t have data or Wi-Fi that you can’t see it that’s why Jefferson Morgan should use Wi-Fi.