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Anna Mattish
April 21, 2015

Jefferson-Morgan should not open Wi-Fi up to the students. Students are already on their phones all the time. Teachers do allow phones but not when they are distracting, and in most cases teachers end up taking the phones away anyways. Yes phones give a lot of information and could be very helpful but all in all, but it is just a bad idea. Accessing Wi-Fi would just make students more distracted since they no longer have to use data and do not risk running over. Teachers and some students look down on the idea of even letting students have phones out in the first place.

When a person finds something funny they will call over their friends to see it. This then provides even more of a distraction then it started out as. Even though giving the students Wi-Fi may have some benefits to it there are many more downfalls. It might help lower family cellular data problems but students need to learn how to share since I hardly see anyone doing that nowadays. Instead of always being on phones students need to interact more with each other. Students need to stop complaining about not having Wi-Fi like other schools, because now our school is more focused on getting good grades and helping students excel in life after school.

Since we do not have Wi-Fi students are forced to pay more attention no matter how much they may wish not to. Students do not need any extra distractions since their attention span to start out with is very poor. Eliminating even one distraction could help grades go up. Students have really no need for Wi-Fi. There is nothing on your phone that you cannot do on a computer during school. If there is something a student needs to do for school they need to be responsible and tell a teacher the situation.