Wi-Fi for Everyone!

Jefferson Morgan should definitely open Wi-Fi for everyone.

Wi-Fi that would be available for everyone would be a great addition to Jefferson-Morgan. It would open up many great opportunities for students and would make their school life easier, and more efficient for students.

Students would be able to reach their school emails in school easier and quicker on their own phones then having to go and get a computer and disrupt classes or their own education.  It would be a lot quicker and less time consuming if students would be able to access their school emails or school documents right off of their phone without using their on cellular data. Teachers would be able to send emails back and forth from students without having to use their own cellular data, so it would be a positive thing for teachers and students alike.

Another great reason is during lunch, phones are allowed to be present. It would be a great bonus for students to have access to the internet while they are allowed to in a lunch period. Student would very much enjoy having access to the schools Wi-Fi instead of racking up a large phone bills for their parents. It would make the students happier and keep their parents happy with smaller phone bills.

It would be convenient for students to have access to Wi-Fi from the school. Most of students spend their time on social Medias or on the internet in general. Having Wi-Fi would be a nice addition to the school because the students would definitely use the open access to their advantage at every possible moment.