Wi-fi in School?

Jefferson-Morgan should open their Wi-fi for student body use. This should be a public thing for school students for various reasons. Mostly every student in high school owns a cell phone. Also, mostly all of those cell phones are smart phones which offer internet access. Because of school locking their Wi-fi, no student is able to use the school’s internet on their phones.

When connected to Wi-fi, cell phones do not use cellular data. In order to have cellular data, students or parents need to pay for it, which can be very expensive. School is one of the few places in which students cannot connect to Wi-fi, resulting is using most of their cellular data. Using data at school takes away from other times a student may need their data, plus it can wrack up the cell phone bill. Teachers often ask students to look certain things up on their phones during class, which uses a student’s data. If the school allowed students to access their Wi-fi, a student’s data would not be used. Another reason the school should unlock their Wi-fi to students is simply for the fact that student’s get bored. Most of the time, students have free time during class where they have no work to do, resulting in them using their data on social media or the internet.
The school should make their Wi-fi accessible to the students so that they will not use all of their data when they are bored and need entertainment, or having to look up something for school. Most public places offer free Wi-fi to people, school should be no different.