Wi-Fi Tool for Success

Every device that most students and teachers have runs on Wi-Fi. iPhone, iPads, laptops and any smart phone uses Wi-Fi and it is a way not to use up data.

If our school had Wi-Fi for the whole student body it would help students to be able to get there work done. If students could use Wi-Fi they could access the internet and have one less excuse why they could find an article for a class or anything for class. If the computers are not working students could use their cell phone and do not have to worry about taking up their data. It would also fit into the time and generation that we live in because even some cars have Wi-Fi now. As a student using my own cell phone to type on Google Docs, email and research is a big help and is convenient. Students being able to access Wi-Fi and being able to use their phone in class could take some stress off of teachers. Our laptops do have many problems and when students have a problem they tell the teacher. Sometimes students use it as an excuse to not get their work done. There are many apps that can help out with math and other subjects. If our school had Wi-Fi students could access those apps that will help them while in school.

Having Wi-Fi at our school can enhance students learning and be a wonderful tool that could help out students.