Wi-Fi Would Help

Jefferson Morgan should open Wi-Fi for only the student body and only the student body. You must go to the school to be able to use it also.

Having our own Wi-Fi at the school would benefit us all so well, it wouldn’t hurt us at all. It would actually help the families with problems about data usage with their phone plans. It would help the students with getting in trouble with their parents. Personally data usage is a big problem causer in my family. Using up the cellular data could cause very big problems; multiple classes that are in our school take the use of laptops. The laptops wouldn’t be a thing if the students had Wifi that they would be able to use.

If people from outside of our school would use the Wi-Fi it could cause many problems. They could hack into the Wi-Fi system and get information that they don’t have the right to have. Or take somebody’s personal identification. This is why the student body should have their Wi-Fi and their passwords. If that person gives out their password their privileges should be taken away of using the Wi-Fi.

Having wifi would only benefit our school as long as it would only be for the student body. It wouldn’t hurt us at all. It would help with research during class periods. It would help with data usage problems in students families. It would fix all of these problems that not having wifi causes. Personally having wifi benefits us so much; now only if the student body could access it.