Ayanna Davis

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June 20, 2016

Most people think that being on our phones distract us from what teachers are teaching us, but does it really? Obviously if we are on our phones the entire class then yes, we will be distracted, but most of the times we use them during class for school purposes only. In class when we use our phones it is usually to look up a quick answer, check the time, or something of that nature. When we are on them for long periods of time it is usually because we are looking up definitions or something for school. Wi-Fi  use should be open to everyone in the school.

At lunch they allow us to be on our phones for the entire 30 minutes so instead of using our data we could use wifi. It will not make a difference if we get wifi or not. Honestly, if we want to be on our phones we will, until the teacher takes it, and most of us don’t want them taken so we don’t use them when we aren’t supposed to.

Most teachers don’t even care if we are on our phones as long as we aren’t disruptive, and pay attention when we are supposed to, so it would be a good idea to give us Wi-Fi.