Success as a Student

I feel that tests are a good measure to take on a student’s success. A test is something that allows a student to see how much they have learned. Once a student takes a test, they will be able to see the things they need to work on. Also, tests help teachers as well. Many teachers give tests for their benefit, and it helps them also see the things they can improve on as far as the material they are covering. Even though many of us students hate tests, it really is beneficial. A test is usually based on the things we have been taught in class or whatever way we have learned it in order to comprehend the materials. Without a test or anything involving that, we will not be able to understand the things laid before us. Other things like homework and projects can be helpful as well, because they make us imply what we know to it. Success is based on the things we want and the amount of time we put into something. Not saying that tests, homework, and projects are the key to success, but they are some of the few things that better us as successors in the long run. It is important to understand and know the things we need to work on. By having these things in our lives, we are able to better ourselves in the ways of bettering the things we know and how much we understand it as well. In life, we are all tested on different things everyday of our lives, so our success is up to us and it is up to all of us, as students, to take advantage of the opportunities we have now in high school. Even on little things like a short test or quiz.