Test Taking Measurements

To me tests are not an accurate measure of student success. Personally school isn’t a very good measure of a student’s success, tests are just all about memorization. And just repeatedly pounding that information in your head. To me , that’s what the teachers do to you, until you remember that info, tests are just measurements of the students memorization, not success. Yes the students will eventually learn the material if the teachers just teach it over and over, preach about it, and give us homework every night on the subject. On top of tests not measuring success, some students just aren’t very good test takers. Not everybody can get an A on test every time that they take it, some students can and some students cannot, personally myself cannot take tests whatsoever. There are many other ways to test a student’s success, and taking test may not be one of them for everybody. Taking a test will not determine on what will happen in my future. Some people are mainly common sense smart, not everyone is book smart. Life is a good measurement of a person’s/student’s  success, taking a test is not. Tests do not determine how successful someone’s life will turn out, or how successful they will be in their life. To me tests are not an accurate measure of students success.