Balance Out Your Life

Hayley Palone

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August 29, 2016
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The key to having a good junior year is to balance everything out.  Yes I know that balancing out school work, sports and even having a part time job can be a hand full.  Most of us juniors are able to drive and even get a job if we’re lucky. Start slowly, if possible; don’t commit to working a lot of hours immediately. You wouldn’t want to stress yourself out worrying about if you will have any time to study for do school work. If your job has a lot of downtime and you’re on break that would be a good time to cram all that work in.

Sometimes you even get caught up in sports and miss out on other things. Playing a sport can really take a big toll on your life. After school there is practice and sometimes even on the weekends there is practice. Playing a sport can really affect your time doing school work and being up late at night. If you know that you have a lot of homework due the next day and there is practice/game, do your homework in school. Some students do have a study hall sometimes so take advantage of that.

Don’t forget that you do have a life outside of school. I know school can take over our lives sometimes but you can’t forget about your own life. Don’t forget about making time to be with your friends or even family. It’s nice to catch up on things you’re missing out on with friends and family. The point being is to balance everything out. You need to make time for those who are important to you. Junior year can be a stressful year but it all depends on how you manage it.