School Lunches

Hayley Palone

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August 29, 2016
School Lunches

So far it has been 4 long months of school at Jefferson Morgan. The one thing that every student looks forward to is lunch, well most of the time. Lunch is by far the greatest period of the day; it’s the time of day we all get to eat everything we see in front of us. By now we should know that not everything the school provides us for lunch is something enjoyable to eat. There will be days that you decide just to get chips and other goodies to eat because the meal of that day doesn’t seem so appealing. Then there will be times it’s something good which is once every month.

I know that when the school makes mac’n cheese, students go crazy over that. I see students getting double the lunch on those days, it’s crazy. Mac’n cheese day is probably the day that almost every student enjoys. Also when its nacho bar day, people get pretty hyped over that as well. The school should start having those two popular meals more than once a month. It would make a lot of students and well even teachers happy. It would bring so much joy to this school.

The one thing that I wish the school wouldn’t do is constantly have chicken. I swear this school has chicken in some sort of way every day of the week. It gets old really quick but usually there’s nothing else better to eat than chicken. My tip to the students at this school is, if you hate chicken then you best pack your lunch like every day of the week. The school menu should change up some of their food here and there. I mean we do pay them for lunch so why can’t we just have something we would like once in a while?