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Hayley Palone

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Welcome Back
August 29, 2016

Well as we can tell Christmas Break is officially over. It’s so sad to see it come to an end so quick. I literally spent my entire break sleeping, playing Xbox and watching Keeping up with the Kardashian. I have no shame of doing what I did because I really enjoyed just being lazy. It’s nice just to take a break from school for a little. The thing I enjoyed most over break was being able to see my Aunt. I rarely see her because she lives in a different state so seeing her is every couple months. It was definitely a great Christmas surprise.

Coming to school yesterday was kind of a struggle. My sleeping schedule was all messed up because of break; I stayed up till like 5 every night during break. Since I stayed up basically the whole night, I didn’t wake up till 2 or 3 in the afternoon which messed up my eating. I would watch or play Xbox all night and then when I wake up, I just do the same. I rarely left my house during break. I think out of the 2 weeks we’re off of school, I left my house 3 times.

New Year’s Eve was pretty good. I was able to spend New Year’s with my family and my boyfriend. There was so much food, it was unbelievable. My mom would always make these mini hot dogs wrapped in a crescent roll. Also we would always have a tray of shrimp since everyone in my family loves shrimp. These are the main little snacks we would have every year. I was happy to end off 2015 with the people who matter the most to me.