Being a Twin

Hayley Palone

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August 29, 2016
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For anyone who isn’t aware, yes I am a twin. My sister and I are fraternal twins. Some have their disagreements saying we are identical but I can promise you that are not. We honestly look nothing alike now but back when we were very little we looked so much alike it was ridiculous. Its an honor to be the oldest twin because I feel as if I have more power over my sister but if we’re ever to get physical than she would definitely over power me. I can say though that she is definitely my best friend. I would do anything for her even though she doesn’t realize that. I’ve tried protecting her but she never listens. There’s a lot that I do that she doesn’t seem to acknowledge.

If anything Emily and I’s favorite thing to do is arguing. We argue over the dumbest things anyone can think of, but the most common argument that we have is wearing each other’s clothes. There will be times I want to wear something of her’s but she doesn’t let me because it will mess up her outfit plans for the week but yet she never wears it. On the other hand when she want to wear something of mine, I let her, Almost everyday of the week we would argue over clothes. It’s all about compromising but that seems to never work out.

I can’t really complain though because being a twin is pretty neat. My sister and I have tricked some teachers into thinking we was each other. I remember being  in English in 8 grade and Emily and I wore the same thing and we switched seats the entire time and fooled the teacher. It sucks being in the same class as each other though because the teacher always say ‘Well I can’t tell who is who? What’s the differences?”. Like that joke gets really old real quick. But in all honestly, I love being a twin.