Thanks For The Memories

Hayley Palone

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Welcome Back
August 29, 2016
Thanks For The Memories


As time is going on, everything is changing. All my friends are getting their lives together and I couldn’t be happier for them. I have a group of friends that I would classify as my “squad” but sadly it’s not like that anymore. We are all not as close as we use to be and to be honest that is my own fault. I made the mistakes and did things that I shouldn’t have done but in the moment it felt like the right thing. If I could go back a couple months from now I would change my actions because it really did cost my friendships with them. I mean yeah not everyone is going to be your friend as time goes on but they are more than that. I consider them to be the family I’ve always wanted. We’ve been friends since the 6th grade and so on. There are so many fun times that I wish we could all relive. Yes I know that not everyone is going to stay friends in high school but I truly thought we would beat the odds of that. But who knows that the future holds.

Everyone in the group has their own uniqueness and something that makes them, well them. Taylor is like a mom, she will always correct you when you’re wrong and will always tell you how it is. She is also very upfront with what everyone anyone says, kind of like a voice of reason. Paige has such a good heart. She is always looking on the positive side no matter the situation, always putting other first. Brooke is well, she is Brooke. She is always doing something dumb to make others laugh regardless the embarrassment. Then finally there is Autumn. I’ll never understand the good things in sports but she has such a huge passion for softball.  I’ve never seen someone so dedicated to a sport but trust me, when season is around that is her life.

Whenever we’re all together, it is never a dull moment. Each moment is something to cherish whether it’s good or bad. I can say that out of each and every one on them I did learn something. I can’t keep living in the past, I got to keep moving forward and hope for the best. Maybe one day we can all be like we use to be. As of now, all we’re trying to do is move forward and see how things go. Like I’ve said, the future is unknown.