College Visits

Brooke Weir

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Senior year is coming up which means college is just around the corner. On Monday, May 16 I went to my first college visit. The first place I went to see was Clarion University. There were many reasons why I chose to visit this college, the main reason being the size of the school. To walk from one end of campus to the other it only takes seven minutes. Going to a smaller high school, I knew that attending a bigger college with thousands of students would not be the right fit for me. For my intended major, which is nursing, the biggest number of students that would be in my class is one hundred. That may seem like a low number of students to other schools, but to someone who has a graduating class of fifty students, one hundred is a perfect number.

During the visit there were many good things that stood out to me. The main things that stood out were how small the campus was, how hands on and easy to talk to the professor are, and their dorm rooms. Since the campus is so small, there is no off campus living. Everything that a college would need is found on campus. Also, since the campus is small and the number of students who attend is tiny, everyone is allowed to drive. Most colleges, freshman are not allowed to drive because there are too many people attending. The other thing that I really liked about the campus was how hands on and easy to talk to the professors are. At Clarion, every professor has a open door policy. If their door is open, any student is allowed to walk in to talk to them. The professors at Clarion also have an eight hour rule. This means that every professor must spend eight hours every two weeks talking to students and helping them with whatever they need.

Since this was just my first college visit, I am not going to fall completely in love with it, but it did seem pretty perfect.